Changes in GTS by version

3.1.1 (2016/08/17)

  • Fixed issue related with STPs reservation for Hosts
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-420; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Fixed STPs reservation for Hosts without location.

  • Fixed issue related with Project creation
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-401; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Fixed Project creation with the same name as removed Project.

3.1.0 (2016/04/29)

  • New section for changelog
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-329, TAAS-339; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Added section to describe new features, improvements and such on a per-version basis.

  • Enhanced performance for reservation and activation of resources
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-323, TAAS-325, TAAS-326, TAAS-335; Affected component(s)=core, rca-os)

    Several improvements on the overall performance of GTS system allow now to speed up reservations in a faster way, provide a tenant per project and load balancing of public IP addresses.

  • Project allow custom logo
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-322; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Admin user can add and update a custom logo to any given project.

  • Secure HTTP
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-319; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    HTTP communication to the GTS services is now protected through TLS.

  • Logs providing more content
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-318, TAAS-324, TAAS-327; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Logs on the OpenStack instance and internal action queues provide more detailed information to ease debugging.

  • Improved handling of OpenFlow resources
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-317, TAAS-320, TAAS-321; Affected component(s)=rca-openflow)

    Further flexibility in the management and workflow of OpenFlow resources: multiple OF switches can be activated in the same location, at the same time and releasing them is possible without prior deactivation.

  • Maintenance mode available
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-316; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    A maintenance flag is included for admin convenience in order to warn about ongoing maintenance and restrict user access.

  • More precise, secure and fast behaviour in GUI
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-309, TAAS-310, TAAS-328; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    User interface provides some novelties: GUI is blocked during complex operations, projects are shown alphabetically for faster searching, passwords are encrypted with BCrypt hash and testbed view is faster.

  • Flexibility in deployment
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-307, TAAs-313, TAAS-314, TAAS-315; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Deployment of the GEANT testbed is now more configurable: admin password, testbed description and logo, as well as contact e-mails can be now configured through properties files.