Terms of Service

I. Outline

GÉANT refers to the collective name of GEANT Limited in Cambridge, UK and GÉANT Association in Amsterdam, Netherlands and hereby called the organization. The organization is also responsible for the management of the GÉANT Project and related projects hereby called Project. Where explicitly is referred Project then added requirements are set within the controls regulated by the organization.

The diverse nature of interconnected research systems and the challenges they face whilst balancing the need to provide an environment to foster research and ensure productivity results in administrators being tasked with a constant balancing act with respect to ease of use and security. To better ensure security on systems and data, users are key to facilitating this secure workspace. This policy provides a framework for users to follow when using organizations' and Project assets.

II. Objectives

This Acceptable Use Policy for the organization and Project is designed to protect from harm assets caused by its misuse. The term misuse covers deliberate and inadvertent actions on affected assets.

III. GÉANT - Acceptable Use Policy

Adhering to the principle of subsidiarity, the organization and project accepts traffic allowable under the respective national AUPs as set by the connected NRENs. In instances where the customer connects directly to the Project Network, the Project Network and Services can generally be used for any legal purpose. However, we may restrict your access if you interfere with or adversely affect the operation of the Project Network or Services, as determined by us.

Prohibited activities: You must not use the organizational and or Project Network or other Services, or allow anyone to use them, in any way that:

Protection of the organizational and or Project Network or other Services is vital to ensure that we meet our legal obligations and comply with all regulations from local and international authorities.

The organization retains the right to monitor the organizational and or Project Network to protect its assets, its staff and third parties and to ensure the appropriate use of organizational and Project resources and confidential information in compliance with privacy law. Systems have been implemented to automate monitoring where viable to ensure real-time protection and minimal human intervention. However, the organization may need to monitor systems and or network traffic from time to time to protect organization and or Project.

  1. The User (and or entity) acknowledges that the organization
    1. may restrict access to organizational and Project Network and other Services without prior notice where:
      1. Entity interferes with or adversely affects the operation of the organization and or Project Network or Services
      2. there are security issues in relation to the organizational and or Project Network or Services
      3. Entity is in breach of this Policy
    2. may regularly audit any Network and all systems used by the entity to ensure compliance with this Agreement
  2. The User (and or entity) agrees and accepts that if the Service provided is:
    1. managed by the organization, the organization is responsible for the maintenance of the service and it will be maintained according to the standards of the organization e.g. patched every month
    2. not managed by the organization, the user or entity is the sole responsible for all services, work and data stored here and/or deployed; ensuring continued maintenance and adequate security practices

Non-compliance with this policy will be treated as a serious matter and appropriate action will be taken for any non-compliance.

All users must immediately report to GÉANT CERT (cert@oc.geant.org) all security breaches not limited to systems and/or data breaches.